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Three years ago Moet Hennesy’s newly created rum brand, 10 Cane Rum, partnered up with Mother NY to kick-start their branding effort. Other than the design of the bottle, the agency was involved with every step of the process. From that initial meeting we saw a uniquely interactive website, brought to us from “The Trinidadian Ministry of Computers”, interesting copy, and a series of commercials dubbed 10 Cane Super Premium Films. In these original spots we were shown the various steps involved with growing, harvesting and bottling the 10 Cane rum, which got its name because sugar cane was traditionally harvested in bundles of 10 in Trinidad.

Mother has just recently finished shooting a whole new slew of video-shorts to add to the 10 Cane Super Premium Films collection. The first one, Big World, is shown above. This one is my favorite. All the spots have a French narrator with English subtitles, giving them an international feel that goes well with the way in which each commercial is presented. Most of them are also pretty damn funny (Another good one to check-out is Big Day).

From Mother NY regarding the recent additions:

With the latest edition of Super Premium Films, 10 Cane is now teaching us not how the rum is made, since they have already taught us this, but rather a glimpse into how 10 Cane is to be enjoyed when properly living the 10 Cane lifestyle. The films will make you laugh and they will make you cry. But mostly they will make you laugh because laughing is more fun than crying and rum is the most fun spirit around. [source]

Agency was Mother, NY with this series being created by Brandon Davis and Piers North (Copywriter/Art Director). Michael Aaron was the producer.

Linus Karlsson was the director with Greencard Pictures (Nick Kadner was the Line Producer and David Jacobson was the Camera Assistant). Luis Moreno was the editor with Jump (Where Jenna Louie and Dee Tagert are editorial/executive producers). The Mill was responsible for telecine (Damien Van Der Cruyssen was the colorist). Eddie Reina was the VFX artist from Manic and Jon Rekdal wrote the original music for this series (with Stephane Guyot as the Audio Mixer). Music production companies Kondor Music, Extreme Music and Music Orange all were involved in this campaign.

You can view the rest in the set (all seven) below.

10 Cane Rum – Armadillo

10 Cane Rum – Big Day

10 Cane Rum – Fantasy

10 Cane Rum – Croquet Team

10 Cane Rum – Close Quarters

10 Cane Rum – Strategy

10 Cane Rum – Cocktail Hour


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