A Correction – Copyranter Is Now Back After Short Demise

CopyRanter Blog Is Back After Just A Few Days

Wow, I honestly was kidding about having people pay you to post – I really didn’t think someone was dumb enough to actually go ahead and do it!

Anyhow, shortly after my previous article on the demise of copyranter’s blog, I learned that the site was not going to be shut-down as originally planned….It’s kind of like when people claim they’re going to delete their twitter account…. or stop drinking…. it never really lasts long… and although it’s late news to most, the guy has managed to finagle his way into a deal that will keep him online.

He claims that he’ll keep posting on his regular blog, however from now on he’s on payroll over at the Animal New York website…. so go check-out his work there. If we are really lucky, his posts there will be as equally, if not more (now that he’s being paid) stimulating than ever before.
Sadly, no mention of brentter.com on his “I’m back and promise it wasn’t a joke but really needed the money” post, although agencyspy did get a shout-out…. hmmm… payola perhaps? Or have you just been a fan of their recent rips on JWT? (I guess I should consider it a compliment that I wasn’t grouped in with the likes of adage.com)

On a serious note though, congrats on the victory.

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