About Brentter.com


So What’s This Site All About?

Well, this is actually the third re-incarnation of what once was an advertising blog. I got hit with the ad fever at an early age (16 years old) which just so happened to be a few years after I had already been hooked on not only emerging technology but also how to program/code my own creations. I think everything happens for a reason, whether you can see that reason at the time or not, but looking back it was perfect timing. I had already started to create websites for local Pasadena, CA based businesses (not to mention the local Mac User Group) who were just catching on to this whole concept of putting some sort of website online to help advertise their business, or in most cases, at least tell customers what their business hours were and how to find their stores. Welcome to my first startup – DarkSky Technologies…an operation comprised of two thirteen year olds that was short-lived due to the fact we realized there were girls at our school once summer had ended. Learning to program/market local businesses took a backseat for a year or two until I was once again enamored with both subjects and sought out on my own to learn how I could be a part of both worlds.

Back then there weren’t many ‘bloggers’ and after tricking myself into thinking I could write sales-copy became bored and needed a place to show all of the cool campaigns/ideas that I would come across. Shortly there after I started what you’d now consider a traditional blog and reached out to various PR agencies asking them to send me press releases and if possible, images & other forms of media so that I could showcase them on the site. Needless to say as time progressed, the idea of promoting your campaigns online took off at about the same speed that people were learning they could easily keep an online journal of whatever content they wanted to that could be accessed by anyone on the internet. A quick re-branding of myself (including a new domain) and I was now brentter.com – Everything’s Better With Brentter.

For years I’d show up at various advertising/industry events and be known as ‘that kid’ which eventually led people to thinking it was cool that someone my age was so obsessed with their jobs/creations and they soon would start to send me campaigns, promos, etc.. which quickly turned this site into a popular resource for anyone looking to catch up on the latest advertising campaigns (or at least the ones I thought were clever). Flash forward through college and and then even after graduation I kept up the blog but found it hard to maintain the same intensity in the number of daily posts as life and work crept up on me. I then realized that I might as well post about other interesting things that came my way, whether advertising related or not, a lot of times including what was then considered emerging technology, but now is just a staple in any ad campaign. While it’s been a long while since I’ve been a regular poster, I still get emails asking about campaigns featured on this site from 3-4 years ago by students or teachers looking for more info. It’s why I highly doubt i’ll ever take the site down, though the content will undoubtably change similar to how the industry has whenever I do find the time to make a post.

That being said, I still harbor a secret love affair for traditional advertising, even though the tech side of this industry has practically become what I do on a day-to-day basis, so please, if you’ve got something you’re proud of, send it my way via the contact form and if I get a chance I’ll post it on here. Once an adman, always an adman.

I hope you enjoy the site.