Absolut Kanye – The “Be Kanye” Infomercial

Coming soon to a late-night TV near you – Kanye West in the premier installment of the “In An Absolut World” campaign.

The rapper, who’s latest tour is sponsored by the Vodka brand, appears in this “low-fi” infomercial spoof trying to sell “Be Kanye” tablets – complete with cheesy voiceovers, special effects, and the “stand in front of a moving galaxy” bit that was so common in those classic informercials from the 80’s.

kanye west in absolut infomercial

In addition to the television spot there’s also a print campaign that can be found in the latest issue of The New Yorker as well as on select NYC subway trains.

absolut kanye print subway
image courtesy of the World Store Blog.

There’s also a small companion website for this spot over at www.bekanyenow.com.

The 2008 “In An Absolut World” campaign will also feature Perez Hilton, Eddie Izzard, Editors from Thrillist.com, Treehugger.com, Style.com, as well as various Live Earth Filmmakers.

This campaign was produced by Winslow Dennis from TBWA\Chiat\Day, NY and featured Paul Krik as the Director (Tim Naylor as the DP). On the production side, Emily Plunkett was the producer with Elizabeth Krajewski as the E.P.

Dave Herman edited this piece for Jump Editorial, NY. Roberto Serrini was the assistant editor and Maniac, NY was the VFX company used (With Nicholas Sasso as the Lead Flame Artist, Charles Self as the Producer and Stephane Guyot mixing the sound).


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  1. i watched this a few weeks ago, and for someone who is soooo suspicious that everything is a marketing ploy, i just thought this was cute and random fun. ah! fooled!

    still love it, esp the ditzy “be someone else, be kanye” girl..

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