Adgabber – the social network for people who like social networks.

It seems everyone these days has a social network geared towards them: college kids have Facebook, baby boomers have Eons, kids have Club Penguin, and pedophiles have MySpace. Well, now advertisers have a social network to call their own with the debut of AdGabber, the offspring from the folks who brought you Adrants(so the answer to your question is YES, Angela Natividad does have a profile on there). It’s hosted using the Ning platform, which is the social networking equivalent to Blogger. I’m already a big fan of the features – It gives you the ability to post widgets, html, etc.. for comments and throughout your profile meaning my rss feed is now prominently displayed on my personal page for all to see and cherish. I’m the one with the Get Drunk Tonight picture shown above, so sign up….check it out… be my friend?



  1. So this is basically a mix between linkedin and facebook?

  2. well, facebook has the whole inner community groups/calendar/gift thing… this is more like a combination of linkedin and mybloglog

  3. Ugly site. Seriously. What’s with the wallpaper? The design? How could people who critique advertising do such a shoddy job with the UI?

    Get a CSS guru people! Adopt somebody else’s platform if you have to!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love adrants, but this is hideously disappointing.

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