Adidas – The Poker Party (Extended House Party)

Remember that Adidas – Celebrate spot that I featured here last November? Well they’ve not only put out a pretty cool microsite for it but they’ve expanded upon the original :30 and :60 second spots to include the above 2 minute long party montage – More celebrities, higher stakes, more partying.

Looking deeper into this campaign I noticed something that was pretty cool about the way they present the campaign material on their website. They let you download both of the commercials in various formats as well as any of the photos from a somewhat large photo-gallery. That’s all been done before, but what impressed me was the UI for each of these features. Here’s what I mean, below is a screenshot of the photo-gallery portion of the page, with a top right slide-out navigation allowing the user to download the picture, close the window or better yet – SHARE THIS.


Clicking on Share This brings up a pop-up window with links to all the popular social networking sites courtesy of a popular add-on primarily seen on most blogs (aptly named “Share This” and can be found at if you’re interested in adding it to your own site)


Clever. It never hurts to push along that little extra bump found via social-bookmarking..nicely done.

Here are the two versions of the spot in case you don’t care to click through the barrage of links to get to the videos. I had originally posted the first one last November because it featured a unique remix of the song Beggin by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. If you were a fan of that song with the original version then you will not be disappointed with the longer cut:

Adidas – House Party (:30 Version)

Adidas – House Party (:60 Version)


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