Advertising Your Own Agency – The Ogilvy Way

So I was cleaning out one of my old external hard drives last night in order to free up some much-needed space when lo-and-behold I came across this old favorite of mine. It’s a scan of an advertisement Ogilvy & Mather’s put out to promote themselves.

It is definitely something that you don’t see too often these days, especially in long-form copy.

But here is – How to create advertising that sells – by David Ogilvy. (click on the link or image for the full-size version, i know the following cropped one is too small to read).

David Ogilvy's ad telling us how to create advertising that sells

So what do you guys think, is self-promotion a thing of the past? Or have we just forgotten that every now and then, advertising does actually work…. even if you happen to be your own client?


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