Alltel Wireles – Spies | Alice | Man Cave | Help Me

So I’ve recently been sent the new Alltel Wireless campaign. I’ve only been able to catch two or three of these on-air and to be honest, I’m digging what I’ve seen so far. The early stages of this campaign pitting the Alltel Wireless guy against the nerds representing the other major carriers hasn’t been a favorite of mine, however I think this new series is taking the original concept in a better direction. Judge them for yourself – Man Cave is shown up above, and the others in the series can be seen here: Spies, Alice, and Help Me.

Campbell Ewald is the agency of record for Alltel Wireless and have teamed up with Mike Bigelow from Gartner notoriety to create this spot with Helen Hollien producing. Rich Smith from Mad River Post was the editor.

Keep it going, as I said before, these series are getting better and better as you seem to be gradually adapting to the market response.



  1. Yo — I dig the Alltel spots too, have you seen the new site: It’s from the nerd’s house.

  2. I think the ads are quite lame. They really are so silly that the message of why I should pick Alltel does not come across.

  3. I think they’re pretty funny as well. The mancave site rocks, and there’s a myspace profile as well –

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