Altoids – Curious?

Ok, this is just weird…. but keeping in line with the last month of postings, I felt it should go up here. This is one of four new spots introducing the new chocolate covered Altoids. Directed by Tim Godsall and created by Leo Burnett-Chicago they explore situations where the new chocolate covered Altoids are of more concern than other abnormalities. Featured here is Blowhole Bob(No I did not think that one up, thats how it was sent to me). Others are Banana Hands, Australian Double Back, and Half Deer Edwards. Click on any of them to view. Biscuit Filmworks produced them with Australian company Animal Logic doing the special f/x. Interesting work from the same ‘boys down under’ who helped bring us Happy Feet. I’m not going to lie when I say they also happen to have a pretty cool website as well.
I thought this one was pretty slow until Bob’s reaction to the girl’s question, it definitely made the spot with his “as a matter of fact” change in demeanor. Their previous campaign(“Curiously Strong”) was already an odd shade of humor, these take that odd sense of humor to an entirely new level.