AT&T – Celebrate Spring – (Now featuring Lupe Fiasco)

BBDOATL partnered with 1st Avenue Machine to create a flowery spot for AT&T’s “Celebrate Spring” campaign, which recently has been re-edited to incorporate the song DayDreamin’ by Lupe Fiasco (also featuring Jill Scott) in a push for their upcoming Mother’s Day specials. There hasn’t been much said about the above spot, nor the original version that can be seen at the bottom of this post, on youtube here: AT&T – Celebrate Spring (original version) or by visiting 1st Avenue Machine’s website other than the recent incorporation of the popular song (I’m not going to lie – I’m also a fan), however it’s been recently pointed out to me that this spot seems to have taken it’s concept almost entirely from the flash work featured on another advertising agency’s corporate website – Rapp Collins Worldwide. If you select the “News” link or almost any of their other sections (via the menu on the right or just by scrolling down) you’ll see what I’m talking about. It is eerily similar, especially in a few specific instances.

Here are a few screenshots of what I mean, judge for yourself:
[click for expanded view]

Rapp Collins Example 1Rapp Collins Example 2Rapp Collins Example 3

Regardless, I enjoyed the spot, whether or not they used the work done over at Rap Collins’s website as inspiration can be up to you. The original ad was created by Patrick Herold (Copywriter and Associate CD) and Tim Zastera (Art Director and Associate CD) with Nicole Lundy as Senior Agency Producer for BBDOATL. No news on any specifics regarding who over at 1st Avenue Machine worked on this project, however they were the production company used.

You can view the original version from 1st Avenue Machine by going to their website.

You can find the song Daydreamin’ by Lupe Fiasco (ft. Jill Scott) on her latest album – Food and Liquor. Clicking any of those links will take you to the specific page, or go to the direct download page by clicking here.


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