AT&T Yellow Pages – Party

Here’s a recent Olympic-inspired commercial for the AT&T Yellow Pages. I guess being owned by an official sponsor has its perks. This commercial, which was conceived by AD/CW duo Bryan Pudder and Mark Ray from GSD&M Idea City, shows us a party where the hosts use random house-hold objects in the place of traditional party supplies. For example, the hosts use a framed wedding photo as a dip-container and one guest makes the mistake of using a dirty dust pan as a plate.

GSD&M Idea City was the agency responsible for this spot with Karen Jacobs as the Executive Producer (Steve Miller and Brent Ladd were the Group Creative Directors). Rocky Morton directed this spot for MJZ with Jon Hopp as the Editor.


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  1. This is priceless. I saw it on TV and had to look it up and look at it over and over. A Classic!

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