Axe Body Wash – So Cute (Argentina)

Here’s a pretty funny new commercial coming out of Argentina for Axe Body Wash. It starts out rather sweet with birds flocking to a young man who’s just gotten out of the shower, offering him a towel, then takes a turn for the worse. He walks out to his bedroom only to be assaulted by various animals, all of whom try to dress him as if he was a princess. It’s a re-inactment of the scene from Disney’s animated Sleeping Beauty story, where the birds help the poor girl get ready for the prince. Or so I’ve been told… it’s not like I’ve seen it 100 times or anything, promise!

It also has a great tag-line to wrap it all up at the end:

If you use a Woman’s Soap, You’ll smell like one.

This piece also shows us what could have happened if the guy had instead used a men’s soap like Axe body wash – Once again, animals assault the young man. This time though they all have the body of supermodels and I wouldn’t really call it “assault.”


This spot was by Joaquin Cubria and Ignacio Ferioli from Vegaolmosponce. Marcelo Burgos was the Director from Garlic Films along with Pancho Alcaine as the Director of Photography. Luis Ramirez was the Art Director from the production company and Pablo Plant was the Editor. Post-production was done by Miopía. The music for this piece was an adapted version of Tchaikovski’s Sleeping Beauty by Swing Musica.


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  1. Ah…now why can’t we have advertising like this in the US? Although, I have to admit, the fox and rabbit heads on the models is slightly disturbing.

  2. You know why, it is because most of the people in the States cannot tell there ass from there face. Trust me I live in the States myself.

  3. If by sleeping beauty you ment Cinderella, then you would be correct.

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