Axe Detailer – Clean Your Balls

Yet another sexually charged Axe commercial for their version of the shower sponge – the Axe Detailer. We’re joined by two famously hot women (i.e. if you’ve ever even seen a Maxim magazine before there’s a good chance you’ve seen them half-naked) as they make reference after reference to ‘dirty balls.’ Here’s a favorite:

So how can guys clean their balls so they’re more enjoyable to play with?

(in her sexy British accent) Yeah, I could really play with these balls all day!

I’ll leave all the various other ball references for you to see for yourself. I really don’t have much to say about this one…but I do love it how they named their sponge the Axe Detailer. Thanks BBH London.


Agency: BBH, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Roddy
Executive Creative Directors: Pelle Sjoenell, Calle Sjoenell
Creative Director: Jon Randazzo
Art Director: Jason Bottenus
Copywriter: Nick Kaplan
Head of Broadcast: Lisa Setten
Agency Producer: Chad Utsch

Production Company: Station Films, New York
Director: Harold Einstein
Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler
Editor: Ian Mackenzie


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