Bahamas Ministry of Tourism – Bahamavention

Here’s a new campaign for the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. In it we see unsuspecting people walk into an intervention, here dubbed “Bahamavention,” hosted by their family. We’ve got the loud-mouth [Lyle] who can’t unwind, the pasty white kid [malcolm], the stressed out wife [maureen] (as seen above), and someone who hasn’t been happy [monte] in years (complete with photos).

Overall I thought this was a pretty clever campaign. I especially liked the little snippet at the end – “honey, we don’t have kids.” Pretty funny work, I could definitely use a Bahamavention myself!

The work was done by Fallon with Kerry Feuerman acting as CD. They were directed by Martin Granger from Moxie Pictures.



  1. This commercial really struck a cord with me as I could relate to the stressed out mom. After seeing the commercial I actually picked up the phone and called my husband and best friend to tell them about it.

  2. I have seen the 15 second spots on Good Morning America. They really caught my attention. They are excellent, though I must note that I struggled a little with where the one about the pasty white kid was going, when I first saw it.

    I am an American who owns a home on Grand Bahama, so I have a strong interest in the Islands. I think the ads are great. Keep them on the air!!!

  3. Hello Iam a Americna born Nubian brother who has roos from the sister isnad of Grenada whi would like to receive a tour guide of the sister island of the Bahmas sdo the mailing address is XXXXXXXXXXX, Brooklyn, New York 11216 that’s here in the United States of America. Much blessings.

    ADMIN EDIT:: This guy posted his mailing address so I deleted it… strange.

  4. I love it…I watch intervention on Cable…I stumbled upon it…I would love to see it more…can I use it.

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