BMW – Impact

Rebecca Baehler directs this recent commercial for BMW featuring falling car parts shattering into coins.

Andy Miller and Rober Lin were the Copywriter/Art Director team from GSD&M Idea City along with Jeff Johnson as the Executive Producer (Sybil McCarthy Hadfield was the Senior Producer).

Darren Foldes and Rich Pring were the Executive Producers for the production company, Green Dot Films, along with Rick Fishbein as the Managing Director (Joanne Duray was also a Producer). Radium, where Matt Thunell is a Producer alongside Creative Director Aladino Debert, was the production company that was used for this piece. Federico Saccone was the Lead Artist, Lee Gardner was the Editor and Frank Pittenger was the Audio Mixer.


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  1. I wondered if you could help me concerning this particular commercial. I’m trying to find out about the accompanying music. Is it just a loop or an actual composition. If the latter, what is it so that I can get it? I appreciate any answer you can give.

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