BMW’s Answer to An Audi Billboard? Checkmate


We’re no stranger to luxury car manufacturers using advertising to taunt or even challenge their competitors head on, but here’s a recent example that I stumbled across on the 37 Signals blog that made me laugh.

Apparently Audi had installed an outdoor billboard over-looking part of Santa Monica, CA, as part of their latest campaign to promote the recently re-designed 2009 A4 with the tagline,

“Your Move BMW”

Well, either a savvy local dealer or a quickly placed media buy by BMW’s ad agency presented commuters with a move to trump Audi’s public challenge. As seen above, the BMW billboard shows a simple photo of their M3 sports sedan with the simple response of:



Audi – Don’t just take this from them sitting down, fight back! They’re using their sport model in comparison to your standard model – How about replacing that original ad with a photo of your upcoming RS5 model or better yet, show that sexy 2009 RS6 with it’s V10 engine! The tag-line almost writes itself – “You sure about that?” or even a tongue-in-cheek taunt like “Hey BMW, meet the new RS6 – Welcome to OUR game.”

I almost feel like a school-kid chanting “fight! fight! fight!” but with a witty answer like BMW provided, it’d only be fair for a rebuttal from Audi…so let’s see it!


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