Bogusky Accused Of Murdering Bears – Hilarity Ensues

So apparently Alex Bogusky found a post-it note taped to his door the other morning accusing him and his family of being involved in some sort of plot intent on killing off the local bear population here in Boulder, CO. This of course was discovered by the anonymous neighbor when they witnessed that the Bogusky family had placed their garbage out the night before its pick-up day rather than the following morning. Following a few remarks about being held accountable for any further bear murders in the area the writer ended their rant by telling him to

“Go back to the east coast where you belong dirt bag!”

The note and his reply is shown above. Seeing how the original author of this letter forgot to include their autograph, Alex took it upon himself to make sure they received a prompt reply by posting what you see above (the original note with response beneath) all around his neighborhood. My hats off to you for this one…I almost died laughing. Here’s the original post from Alex with more details on the incident.


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