Bonds – Road Trip (Weekend Wars)

As some of you may know, I’m a sucker for any spots with good soundtracks, and this is yet another example of that. Shown above is the latest commercial for Australian T-shirt company Bonds. It tries to capture the spirit of teenage angst, in part by following a group of teens on a road-trip but also through a deeper story involving the fragile nature of young love. One of the girls in the story hooks up with a boy throughout the trip, only to witness him together with another female road-warrior at the end. We then see her shrugging it off on the beach in the final scene. The music is a personal favorite of mine, it’s Weekend Wars by MGMT. If you like it I recommend you go check out their latest album (which features the song you just heard) called Oracular Spectacular.

The agency behind this commercial was The Campaign Palace, Sydney and it was conceptualized by Georgia Arnott and Jon Burden (Meredyth Judd was the Agency Producer).

Christopher Riggert from was the Director along with Tim Hudson as the DP. Rob Galluzzo and Victoria Conners-Bell were the Executive Producer/Producers for the production company. Post-production was by The Lab, Sydney. Marcus Timpson was the Colorist and Stewart Reeves from Guillotine was the Editor. Simon Lister at Nylon Studios was the Sound Designer.

Once again the song used in this commercial was MGMTWeekend Wars


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