Brand New – A Website All About Logos

This should be good… the folks over at Speak Up are starting a new site devoted soley to branding/corporate identity. They’re calling this little experiment Brand New.

Taken from the announcement:

With new work being created consistently and Speak Up not being able, or willing, to accomodate every single new logo that comes out, we wanted to offer a space that would showcase this work and allow the design community to stay plugged in to the ever-evolving saga of identity work.

Anyhow, go check out their critiques of old/new corporate logos.



  1. That is absolutely fascinating. I wonder how/why the British POWs were given access to a printing press, a typeface library, etc. The ads seem to be for stores in whatever town this camp was located it. Especially curious was the ad for the cricket gear:

    “You all know where the shop is. If you don’t, ask a policeman!”

    Makes me wonder whether the mag was used as a clandestine way for POWs to communicate with the comrades or the British Army.

  2. Oops. I meant to put this under the previous item. Got confuzzled that the comments link comes before the story…

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