Bud Light Lime – Skateboard

Here’s the latest from DDB Chicago for Bud Light Lime. Pretty cool visual effects work done, the transitions/lighting changes are really smooth, nice work!

Yvonne Chia and Jamie Overkamp were the Copywriter/Art Director team for this piece along with Will St. Clair as the Executive Producer (Kevin James was also a Producer). It was directed by Johannes Gamble from Superstudio (“super!”) with Ty Evans as the DP. Nathan de la Rionda and Dana Garman were the Producer/Executive Producer combo on this project. It was shot entirely in Van Nuys, CA.

Johannes Gamble also was the Editor/VFX Supervisor for this piece. Apparently he’s either a credit hog or he’s really just that multi-talented (he’s also listed as the Sound Designer on this one).


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  1. The music was cool. That’s the Dap Kings!

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