Burger King Does Brazil

After years of trying to find a way to connect their American fast food brand with South American consumers, I think it’s safe to say that Burger King has finally done it with their latest campaign ~ The King In Brazil. These are so bad I don’t know where to start. In this first one we get to see what must be someone’s idea of what a ‘typical office setting’ is like, complete with a demanding boss who interrupts some pretty juicy sounding office gossip. I’m not too sure this boss even remembers the name of the employee because he tries to get his attention with a ‘hey guy.’
Luckily for us this working-class hero waits until the boss is well out of earshot before telling everyone what he’d really like to say to him (if only he had the chance). Cue The King. He’s been waiting for the boss in his office where he then plays back the rant while the rest of the employees listen in as he’s broken down to the point of tears. There’s even a little bit of sexual harassment by The King when he’s comforting the distraught boss by patting him on his ass. The camera then pans back to the employee, who after realizing he had just made a grown man cry, promptly begins a new conversation about lunch and what he’s in the mood for (hmmmm.. a burger with a side of unemployment?).

Burger King – Sports Car

If that didn’t ignite the spark under your creative flame then hopefully this next one will. The scene opens up to two fairly young looking stoners discussing some comic-con inspired movie they must have just seen when all of a sudden they pass by a hot red sports-car being shown in a display window.
So surprised at never having seen this car before one of them actually hits the other and exclaims “I’d love to drive this car!” Well, be careful what you wish for when the King is in town because seconds later the King appeared granting this kid his wish. Now this is a Burger King ad, so it wouldn’t be complete without some sort of comedic interlude right? You betcha! In this case that means the kid jumps behind the wheel of the car, floors it in reverse and smashes right smack into the car behind them. So now what does the King do after causing this potential count of vehicular manslaughter? Why of course he does what anyone else would do if put in his shoes, he laughs at just how stoned these two kids are and flees the scene before anyone starts asking questions. Flashback (no pun intended) to the the kids and we see that they’re too busy with some bacon-infused hallucination to even know whats going on around them. Don’t blame the bacon though… blame their parents.

This campaign was created by Ogilvy & Mather, Brasil along with the Hungry Man (Rio) production house.


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Brasil
VP/Creative: Anselmo Ramos
Head Of Art: Denis Kakazu
Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Art Director: Fernando Reis
Copywriters: Marcelo Padoca
Agency Exec Producer: Nana Bittencourt
Agency Production: Mauricio Granado
Production Company: Hungry Man, Rio
Directors: Gualter Pupo, Steve Pearson
Exec Producers: Alex Mehedff, Renata Dumont
DP: Andre Modugno
Line Producer: Rodrigo Castello
Post Production Supervisor: Rodrigo Oliveira
Audio Prod Company: Dr. Dd
Production & Maestro: Bonde Fumegante, Dudu Marote


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  1. relying on cheap laughs the ads are mildly amusing. it’s a start, though, i’m curious to see where they [ogilvy] will go from here…

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