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First off, I know that on this site there has been a lot of debate as to the real name of the actor who portrays the infamous Most Interesting Man In The World in all of those Dos Equis commercials so hopefully this will answer all your skeptics for the last time.

You can find the original post with the first round of ads produced here:

Then if you’re still craving more you can visit the second post on the campaign with all new ads (that came out about a year later):

The man in the photo shown above, as well as in EVERY commercial is Jonathan Goldsmith. So the campaign has been running for well over two years now and has seen a sizable increase in sales of their product, not to mention an even wider growth of brand recognition. He was kind of enough to sit down for an interview on the success he’s seen with the character.

——Begin Interview (May 03, 2010)—–

We had a chat with actor Jonathan Goldsmith, the man behind the Most Interesting Man in the World. And, while Jonathan admits that he isn’t exactly like his Dos Equis borne persona, he isn’t far off. Read on to find out who his idols are, his advice to you for becoming more interesting, and, yes, what he drinks when he’s not always drinking beer.

MM: You’ve been part of one of the most successful advertising campaigns of all time. You’ve helped Dos Equis post two phenomenal years of growth in a row. How much that comes from your powerful, powerful beard?

JG: 13.6%

MM: You landed the Most Interesting Man role by, in fact, being interesting. Tell us a little about what you said to them in the casting process. How much of it was true and how much did you have to improv?

JG: Most of it was not true and I had to improv all of it. True story.

MM: How did you start acting?

JG: A psychiatrist recommended it

MM: You’ve saved two people’s lives. You got kicked out of college for bedding a professor. Any other stories we haven’t heard yet?


MM: So, interesting though you are, you are not The Most Interesting Man in the World. But, could you describe his personality? He seems a bit of a gentlemen…but a bit of a scoundrel.

JG: All of those things, as well as a first class raconteur and bon vivant with numerous other unnamed passions.

MM: Do you get spotted and recognized a lot on the street as the Dos Equis guy? What is the most interesting thing a fan has done?

JG: Yes. The most interesting was when a young man asked his son, 7 year old son, what he wanted to be when he grew up and he answered the most interesting man in the world. 2nd most interesting story, an 80 plus year old man raised his cane at me on a bus and said when I come back to this world, I want to be like you.

MM: Do you have any advice for the readers of Made Man on how they can be more interesting?

JG: Yes, read. Interested people NEVER become uninteresting people.

MM: Who do you look up to as some of the most interesting men and women in the world? Feel free to list a few.

JG: Barack Obama. Nelson Mandela. Golda Mier. Jackie Robinson. Jackie Kennedy. Mother Theresa. Ghandi.

MM: The Most Interesting Man doesn’t always drink beer. When you’re not drinking beer, what do you drink?

JG: Anything available of quality.

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Well it’s official, now all you mac fanboys can all rejoice in glee with the release of the first round of public spots promoting the new Apple iPad. I was kinda hoping for something on par with some of the previous campaigns associated with new Apple gear, but I’ll just chalk this one up as a media-buy filler while they work on something a little more fitting coming from the infamous Media Arts Lab. Continuing with their tradition of featuring either some classic rock legend or a snippet from one of the latest new indie groups that will surely make a killing from getting the ‘apple bump,’ you can hear a sample of “There Goes My Love” by Danish rock band The Blue Vans.

Well it should be no shock to any of you who regularly read this blog that I’m somewhat a music dork and well, on about the third time watching this commercial found that if you pause the clip at just the right moments you can get a good glimpse at what the albums loaded up on iTunes are. They include Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by The Phoenix, July Flame by Laura Veirs and one of my favorites – Cease To Begin by the Band of Horses. If you haven’t heard of either of those artists and/or albums before, I’d strongly suggest you go seek them out on iTunes, Grooveshark, Lala, Audiolizer, Spotify,, The Hype Machine or whatever other service you’re currently hooked on that provides you with the tunes you need to make it through the day. Currently i’m semi-obsessed with, it’s been introducing me to so many incredibly talented musicians who aren’t what you’d call “mainstream artists.” That being said if i’m looking for an old commercial favorite I tend to gravitate towards lala, it’s yet to disappoint even the most random song searches.


Agency: TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officer: Duncan Milner
Executive Creative Director: Eric Grunbaum
Creative Directors: Alain Briere, Scott Trattner
Sr. Agency Producer: Mike Refuerzo
Assistant Producers: Mallory Gordon, Scott Frankel

Production Company: Green Dot Films, Santa Monica
Director: Mark Cappos
DP: Rebecca Baehler
Editorial: Nomad edit
Editor: Glenn Martin
Post-Production: D-Train FX
Artist: Ben Gibbs
Music: “There Goes My Love” by The Blue Vans


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In a clever full-brand media buy, AMC’s Mad Men have taken over the homepage & archive sections in it’s entirety. I don’t know which side approached the other first for this promotion but it was a smart move on Playboy’s part. Not only does the brand have a high distinction with the era but caters to the stereotypical fan of the award-winning television series set in the early 1960’s New York. Some of the content promoted on the themed redesign include photos of the cast ‘frolicking’ with bunnies on the Playboy lawn in addition to articles revisiting actual Playboy content from the era. With the season premier just around the corner AMC seems to be pulling out all the stops in preparation. Other promotions include, a website allowing visitors the ability to create their own custom Mad Men avatars, a Bananna Republic casting call for user-submitted photos of your best Mad Men attire and also Mad Men themed events all around New York city.

If you’re in the least bit interested in catching the unique redesign of, you might want to check it out soon as it’s only supposed to last for today only (Monday, Aug. 10th).


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