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This is nuts. Acoustic live version by Michael Winslow of Whole Lotta Love originally by Led Zeppelin though via beatbox, acoustic guitar + almost perfect matching of Robert Plants’ voice on tv talkshow Senkveld med Thomas og Harald…friggin amazing.


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A “serious” documentary that came out where they essentially took all their assumptions based on loosely watching groups in Africa and produced this gem… gem i mean it makes you want to say “Reaaallly?! This was green-lighted by someone funding it?” Yeah, they’re so way off reality its actually funny though. Gotta love the British voice-over though… makes it even worse when you listen to what he’s saying.. lol

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I love this. It’s Samuel L. Jackson doing an AWESOME narration of the children’s book “Go The F*ck To Sleep”…. the intro is also money, and yes, he reads it legitimately as it’s supposed to be read.

If Shel Silverstein were still alive, this is how i’d imagine he’d read it…. yes, lately this blog has turned into a slightly different direction than the old ad blog you’re use to seeing, but like I said in previous random posts….you really need to see/hear this. I’ve been busy with other work, but for those that have actually gone out of their way to email me and ask me to post more often, I promise you I will soon be back to dishing out the campaigns/behind the scenes/backstory goodies that made this site actually popular ‘back in the day.’

So obviously this is NSFW (not safe for work), but go home, listen to it then go out and buy the book. Yes, its a real childrens book named Go the F**k to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach, with illustrations by Ricardo Cortés and narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Who apparently relates personally to the message (and after talking with a few new parents, this is what most are typically thinking when first having a kid……though some, as you’ll hear in the intro and personal story from Mr. Jackson, actually say it to their kids….who sometimes start saying it back when they want to know if its bed-time yet).

Enjoy. I did (and bought the book even though I am without child, at least any that I know of). ;P

P.S. i love this so much you’ll notice i didn’t even use any amazon affiliate links… but it’s available at most bookstores.


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