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Move over TechStars, soon there’s going to be another big incubator in town, well, 25 minutes from town (if you live in Boulder, CO that is). Plug and Play, which is best known as one of the Silicon Valley greats, is set to finalize on the opening of their new facility here in Denver within the next year. Named The Innovation Pavilion located over in the Tech Center it will contain all the various aspects Plug and Play has become famous for. This four story, 80,000 square foot startup mecha will house both a co-working facility which unlike most currently here in Colorado will be setup for both the 1-3 person freelancer/small-business as well as much larger, closed off office areas for more established firms. In the same building will also be the new HQ for Plug and Play Colorado, bringing their unique style of startup funding to the Rockies.

Quoting the Denver Post, unlike most Colorado-based incubators like The Foundry Group or TechStars, their primary focus is not on just budding, early-stage startups but rather of a combination of long-established companies, government resources, media centers and of course entrepreneurs. With the firm’s past investment record and current roster of mentors it’s definitely having a lot of young startups catching themselves drooling thinking about what lays ahead in the upcoming months.

While LA and San Diego might be called Silicon Beach, It’s safe to say we’ve claimed the title of Silicon Mountain when you take a look at the firms already here and now with one of the largest Incubator firms in the US currently in-route to our snow capped Rockies it shouldn’t even be an argument.

Once finished the new Innovation Pavilion is going to try and give the currently massive Plug and PLay Tech Center located out in Silicon Valley a run for it’s money (or in the least, a close version but with a Colorado ‘twist’). It at any time can house and support nearly 300 startups, including a massive network of parnters and mentors who frequent the various groups. Regardless, if you’ve ever had any doubt that Boulder/Denver wasn’t as strong of a tech incubators paradise like NYC or Seattle, this should change your mind.

The entire building should be open and fully built out within a year, however they currently have a small office already working out of the city awaiting their new digs.

It’s a good sign for Colorado indeed. Welcome Plug and Play to Colorado.


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I love this. It’s Samuel L. Jackson doing an AWESOME narration of the children’s book “Go The F*ck To Sleep”…. the intro is also money, and yes, he reads it legitimately as it’s supposed to be read.

If Shel Silverstein were still alive, this is how i’d imagine he’d read it…. yes, lately this blog has turned into a slightly different direction than the old ad blog you’re use to seeing, but like I said in previous random posts….you really need to see/hear this. I’ve been busy with other work, but for those that have actually gone out of their way to email me and ask me to post more often, I promise you I will soon be back to dishing out the campaigns/behind the scenes/backstory goodies that made this site actually popular ‘back in the day.’

So obviously this is NSFW (not safe for work), but go home, listen to it then go out and buy the book. Yes, its a real childrens book named Go the F**k to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach, with illustrations by Ricardo Cortés and narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Who apparently relates personally to the message (and after talking with a few new parents, this is what most are typically thinking when first having a kid……though some, as you’ll hear in the intro and personal story from Mr. Jackson, actually say it to their kids….who sometimes start saying it back when they want to know if its bed-time yet).

Enjoy. I did (and bought the book even though I am without child, at least any that I know of). ;P

P.S. i love this so much you’ll notice i didn’t even use any amazon affiliate links… but it’s available at most bookstores.


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Great article in the NewYorker on Jonathan Goldsmith, best known as the actor who portrays the lead character in Dos Equis campaign “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” Apparently his own real life experiences aren’t too far from being worthy of their own versions of the hilariously scripted adventures that the character in the ads plays.

Taken from the article:

A montage of highlights from the real life of Jonathan Goldsmith might include (had there been cameras present) footage of him rescuing a stranded climber on Mt. Whitney, saving a drowning girl in Malibu, sailing the high seas with his friend Fernando Lamas (the inspiration for his Interesting persona and, according to Goldsmith, “the greatest swordsman who ever lived in Hollywood”), and starting a successful network marketing business (“I was a hustler, a very good hustler”), which, for a while, anyway, enabled him to flee Hollywood for an estate in the Sierras. Among the outtakes might be glimpses of his stint as a waterless-car-wash entrepreneur. “I love the old philosophers,” he said. “I have a large library. I am not a die-hard sports fan. I love to cut wood.”

Here’s to you Mr. Goldsmith, you truly are the most interesting man in the world in my book!

Image courtesy of The New Yorker (taken without permission).


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