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6/17/11 UPDATE #2
The news source that corrected me the first time turned out to be WRONG!! They interviewed the father, the kid is from australia and yes, they were going at it.. Way to go!!

CORRECTION: Everyone has been sharing this pic thinking it’s a romantic photo in the middle of a riot. I have just learned that no. She had been stabbed. Yes, STABBED. He was consoling her. Someone stabbed her over a hockey game. A GAME!!! That disgusts me.

Seriously. Now that’s the kind of rioting we need to see more of… I guess the stereotype about Canadians is true… they really…ohh wait.. nah I know a few that aren’t as nice as the stereotype about them is,… but this is the most romantic riot i’ve ever seen. This is how riots should be like.

[img has been shared so much i don’t know the source my apology]


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This is one of the coolest outdoor exhibits i’ve seen in a long time…I only wish it wasn’t all the way in London so I could see it up close in person.

This is the HP ePrint & Tron: Legacy Experience live projection mapping on the roof of the QEH on London’s Southbank. It was created with 6x18k projectors onto a massive projection canvas that was somewhere in the ballpark of 50m wide by 20m tall. An 8k D&B sound rig provided the killer audio taken from snippets of the movie soundtrack (Written and Recorded by none other than Daft Punk).

Here’s an overhead shot to get a better gauge of the massive scale of this audio/video exhibit:
The roof of the QEH with the Tron projection mapping

Creative shop Guided Collective along with Flat-e/Seeper (who did the animation & projection mapping) and Si Begg (responsible for the sound design & re-hashed elements from the Tron:Legacy OST).

More pics can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/icJ3mm
A much shorter trailer for the project can be seen here: http://vimeo.com/17283195


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