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This is nuts. Acoustic live version by Michael Winslow of Whole Lotta Love originally by Led Zeppelin though via beatbox, acoustic guitar + almost perfect matching of Robert Plants’ voice on tv talkshow Senkveld med Thomas og Harald…friggin amazing.


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Came across this little gem the other day and just had to repost it. It’s the internet, as seen through the eyes of Dante’s The Divine Comedy….I give you: Dante’s Internet.

via ForeverGeek.


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Here’s a disturbing new :30 spot for Canadian sandwich shop Mr.Sub that proves it really is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.
Anyone else wonder how this will help sell sandwiches? They created two other spots for the series, Hot Stuff and Dinner.

Gary Watson and Chad Borlase from Bos Toronto were the creatives responsible for this campaign along with director Brian Lee Hughes from OPC.

Mr. Sub – Dinner:

Mr. Sub – Hot Stuff:


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