Cazadores – He Liked It

Conceptualized by davidandgoliath for Cazadores Tequila, this new spot shows us what the label might have looked like if things went differently on that fateful night in the desert. Mary Ellen Duggan produced this piece, Happy directed it (for Smuggler) and features Max Malkin as the Director of Photography. Cosmo Street is credited as the editorial company along with Beacon Street for the music.

To be honest I thought this was a pretty average ad… compelling setup leading to a cute conveyance of brand images that “just wouldn’t have worked,” but its the ending tag-line that got me. “Cazadores – The One With The Deer On It.” It’s the most blatant form of brand recognition, not only showing the consumer the bottle at the end shot, but also telling them what to look for – the deer! Simple… yet effective, especially in today’s alcohol market where there are 50+ brands of tequila to choose from at the store. With so many choices, most people are uneducated in their decisions, so this serves as a way to distinguish the brand from the 49 other bottles which don’t say “Jose Cuervo” on the label.
…At least thats my opinion…