Charlie the Unicorn – Candy Mountain

I know this has nothing to do with advertising, but if you have 4 minutes to spare and are in need of a good laugh, check it out. Done by Jason Steele, this has gained a cult-like following on the internet. He even has a store up(smart move). You can view his page here. His other film(with live action), Eduardo Spatulahands, is also pretty wierd(15 minutes of wierd in fact). Don’t worry, they’re both work safe(that is, if you don’t mind people at work thinking you watch cartoons).



  1. hahaha….what?

  2. we all think its piss funny

  3. ok that was soooo crazy to Candy moutain !!!1 ttyl

  4. omg i love it. FUNNY. Shunnnn the non believer. Shuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn! LOL! A magical leoploridon Chaarrlliiee!!!!

  5. Dude I hered and saw part of this animation and I thought What the fuck is wrong with these people for a minit there i thought that Charlie was going to be murderd or somthing by those evil (i don’t have a fucking clue what those other characters were called so yeah)things where going to kill him. dude that movie scares me.

  6. what is the the name of the monster in candy mountain? I no wat it is but how do you spell it?

    Is it oleo pluridon?

  7. ty

  8. I love Charlie! I think he’s awesome! (Well the video anyway) I like the leoplurodon! He’s kool

  9. Hahahahahaaaaaaa xDDD
    3 in the morning with CHARLIE!!! I love this vid so much, and my friends are sick of me quoting it ^^
    Heh heh heh heh :P

  10. The scary part is that the liopleurodon is an actual animal. Search it on Google, and it shows you pictures of them.

  11. charlie rox!! goooooooo charlie!


    a cool video

  13. i love your is so awsome and Funny.

  14. I love the voices of the two wierd unicorns, I do it to scare my mate all the time. First saw this movie on Sumo TV but it finished after the letters sang so I was like ‘What happened to Charlie?!’ to my mum who also wanted to know so we went on net amd found out! Poor thing!!! LOVE IT!

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