Coca-Cola – Bird’s Nest Stadium

Here’s a recent spot for The Coca-Cola Company with an Olympic theme. Created by Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, it gives us a 3D animated birds perspective on an “Olympic task.”

As part of their Olympic Games promotion, Wieden + Kennedy had recently released a spot for Coke featuring an animated match-up between American LeBron James and Chinese Yao Ming. It seems like ever since they came out with their Coca-Cola – Video Game and Happiness Factory series of spots they’ve been trying to re-create that same level of success that was found using 3D animation.

Dave Smith and Pierre Janneau are the Copywriter/Art Director duo for w+k with Neil Henry, Elissa Singstock and Cimien Ekici as agency producers (Emma Williamson was the PM). Partizan Films was the Production Company.

Eric Lerner directed the animated portion with Isabella Parish as the executive producer (Julie Crosbie was a production company producer as well).

For the live action portion, Thomas Hilland directed with Russell Curtis and Miranda Johnstone as the executive producer/producer. Stephen Keith-Roach was the director of photography with Russell Icke editing for Munky, London.

Music was by A-Bomb and Human (Where Augusta Quiney and Marc Altshuler are executive producers). Audio post production was by Wave Studios.


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