Coca-Cola – Unity (The Yao/LeBron James Olympic Commercial)

Wieden + Kennedy brings us this new spot for The Coca-Cola Company featuring animated versions of Yao Ming and LeBron James in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games. Pretty cool 3D effects in this spot as each character brings out stereotypical icons from China/USA in preparation for their battle. It ends before it even starts though as both superstars eventually bond together over a cold bottle of Coca-Cola (I didn’t see that one coming), giving us the message of “Unity.”

Dylan Lee and Mira Kaddoura schemed up this spot as the copywriter/art director with Hal Curtis and Sheena Brady as the W+K creative directors. The commercial was produced by Kevin Diller and had Nexus as the production company. Smith & Foulkes directed with Melody Sylvester as the producer (Julia Parfitt was the executive producer). Cliff Wilson from Digital One did all the post production audio work with music credits going to Eclectic.


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  1. Does anyone know what’s the song/music in the commercial?

  2. It’s an original composition made by Eclectic for this commercial.

  3. It’s actually a reworking of “The Anthem” by Onra, a French producer.

  4. Thank you! I love this song and just looked it up on iTunes and you’re correct, it is a reworking of “The Anthem” by Onra. Tight.

  5. Too bad this didnt result in a fight between Lebron and Yao. Santa Claus was on the American side, so the US would have won.

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