Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory – The Movie

Ok, this is pretty cool. Remember that animated spot from Psyop that premiered last year for Coca-Cola – The Happiness Factory? Come on now, you’ve got to remember this one, it’s the spot that won a Silver Lion at Cannes this year and a Grand Prix Gold Prize at the 2006 Epica Awards (not even to mention is nominated for an Emmy)? Well, they’ve expanded it into a mini-movie. “Unveiled today at a spectacular online global premiere event in virtual world Second Life, “Happiness Factory – The Movie” portrays the adventures of a factory worker as he embarks on a quest to replenish the Coke, putting the happiness back in the Happiness Factory.”(press)

This release marks the second phase of their “Coke Side of Life” campaign, which has been deployed in over 150 countries and represents the largest majority of Coca-Cola’s marketing efforts. Before coming out with this new video, W+K/Psyop released a “mockumentary” which took you behind the scenes of this magical factory and even featured the voices of actual Coke employees. It seems as if every new addition to this campaign is released as a premier with the original being used in 2007’s Super Bowl, the mockumentary being used at the grand opening of the new World of Coke here in Atlanta, and now this one premiering at an event in Second Life. You can view a HD version of the release on the Coke site, although the micro-site for HF is currently only translated in Chinese. As part of the Second Life “premier,” Coca-Cola released two trailers for the movie. Those can be found here – :30 Second Trailer & the :60 Second Trailer.

Interesting choice in releasing this as a premier in Second Life, they supposedly went all-out and claimed that even Avril Lavigne was present. It must have been a swanky affair indeed.

This piece was once again conceptualized from the imaginative folks over at Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam and utilized over fifty 3D animators from Psyop! Sandy Reay was the W+K producer in addition to Mariya Shikher from Psyop. Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick directed. Music was by Kate Gibson from Human and also featured the work of Andreas Hoffman from Seven Senses, Madrid for the live-action scenes.

If you want to read a little more about the Creatives who came up with the Happiness Factory, I found a great interview of Psyop’s Kylie Matulick and Todd Mueller here. You can also view the storyboards for the original spot here, as well as the character designs (really cool) here.



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