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Here’s the latest spot for Coca-Cola. Conceptualized by Wieden + Kennedy – Portland, this video was the love child of the good folks over at Nexus Productions. Made to resemble the popular video game series, Grand Theft Auto, this shows what life would be like if the main character started his day off by drinking a cold Coke. He no longer feels the need to rob, kill, and pillage(all of which made the game immensely popular and highly addicting). It then goes on to show the character going about his day performing various acts of goodwill to celebrate “The Coke Side of Life.” If they’re trying to appeal to the young crowd with this one, I think they’re spot on. GTA(especially the latest one, Vice City) is a household name amongst the 18-30 year old crowd. Even the Chappelle Show did a parody of the game.

First the Happiness Factory spot and now this one, hopefully that means we can expect to see more utilization of 3d animation in ads. Very clever, very original, bottom line: I like this spot.
[Update] W+K just posted the storyboard for this pitch on their blog. You can view it here.

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UPDATE!: The song used in this spot was originally recorded for a 1976 gangster film called Bugsy Malone and is the music in the closing scene. You can buy the soundtrack here: Bugsy Malone OST – You Give A Little Love


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  1. Definitely Excellent !!!

    Congratulations for your blog. You got so many great stuff !!!

  2. this piece is HYSTERICAL

  3. I thought this was very creative, especially since I’m a’ huge Grand Theft Auto fan & player.
    I know that this will appeal to all who play video games and Coke lovers which I happen to be. So I look forard to seeing more of this. I love that the did this is 3D, I work for a 3d Animation company called Visual Goodness, Inc. And we over here just loved it, it was ver cool.
    Can’t wait to se the next one. Good Luck!!!


  4. thats really cool bue who sings that song i awnt it?

  5. I love how nerdy people are, do the graphics looks real, do people over 30 even know what GTA is, is GTA wholesome now. Who gives a f*&k? It’s just a commercial. Gamers are so serious. I want to know who sings the song too. PLEASE find out for me.

  6. I also would like to find out what this song is…It’s AWESOME!


  7. the song was originally recorded for an obscure 1976 gangster film called Bugsy Malone…I went nuts when I saw the commercial, the movie is very nostalgic for me…

  8. thank you

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