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As a promotion for the upcoming release of Quantum of Solace, the latest in the James Bond series, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam has released this :60 animated spot featuring the Jack White & Alicia Keys recording of Another Way To Die (The early-released soundtrack for the film). Pretty amazing animation work, it falls in line with the flow and style of traditional 007 intro montages. This one even adds in a pretty sick looking car chase, now if only there wasn’t that coke-bottle showing up it might have made for a good screensaver!

taken from the production company website:

An homage to classic Bond titles, a teaser for the newest installment in the series, and an ad for a healthier alternative to the vodka martini, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam tapped us to develop, direct and produce this spot as part of Coke Zero’s co-branded tie-in with “Quantum of Solace,” the 22nd film in the James Bond franchise.

some stills from the video:

With few exceptions I’ve got a pretty big pet peeve when agencies (err, mainly it’s PR firms) send over campaign material with a painfully long credit list attached at the end. Luckily I’m a big 007 fan, and well, if you’ve been a reader of this blog you know that i’m a sucker for good animation…. so here it goes guys.. the ‘complete’ credits.

Sue Anderson and Jorge Calleja are the Agency Creative Directors along with Shawna Lopez and Corey Bartha as the AP/AEP for this project. The production company used was Buck, NY/LA where Orion Tait hangs his hat as their CD (Kate Treacy hangs her umbrella there too as the resident Head of Production/Producer). Thomas Schmid is their ACD, Yker Moreno the Lead Art Director (with Ben Langsfeld making an appearance as their AD lackey).
Gareth O’Brien gets credit for being the Animation Director, leading Compositors Emmet Dzieza, Sohee Sohn, Jake Guttormsson and Conrad Ostwald. Vi Nguyen was their CG Lead for this project with Helen Choi and Peter Karnik as the 3D Generalists. Santosh Sallesh and Rie Ito were credited for the 3D Dynamics/Modeling. That being said, Pete McDonald shows up at the bottom of the credit list with the simple title of Animator. Wipe that tear from your eye Pete, I’m a fan

Not to be left out is a long list of Roto Artists: David Marte, Will Frazier, Joe Todoan, James Payfer, Jeremiah Regan, Thomas O’Connor and Ishraque Nazmi. Ryan McKenna was the Editor with even more design credits being given to Fede Reano and Lindsey Mayer-Beug.

Because I know you were probably just seconds away from emailing me about this, Meduzarts is credited as the Matte Painters. For all the post-production producing action we can thank Yaque Silva-Doyle as well as Meridith Brown for all the Live Action shots. Eric Maddison was the DP along with Scott Beardslee as the 2nd Unit DP (btw, this was all written in the same order as the credit list that I was mailed…. I’m willing to bet that somewhere in Amsterdam there’s an intern fielding a not-so-fun email regarding proper credit-roll hierarchy).

Post-Production was done by Smoke & Mirrors, NY by Flame Artists Nic Seresin and Kirk Balden (Paul O’Bierne was their Producer, Celest Gilbert their EP). Tony Volante was the Sound Mixer with the Sound Lounge (Sound Design was Marshall Grupp).

BONUS:Here’s the HD version in case you want to see this full-screen.

James Bond Coke Zero Commercial


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