Copy As Interface – Web 2.0 From Erika Hall

Co-founder and web-usability expert Erika Hall from San Francisco’s Mule Design Studio gave a pretty interesting presentation/speech on how copy has almost become the interface in a lot of cases on the web. She aptly entitled the presentation – Copy As Interface. Her view, which I share, is that people don’t read long copy on the web, that’s why the best sites always tend to be the ones that are short on copy and sweet on design. A simple “click here” instead of a long explanation of what they’ll get by clicking, etc.. Watch it for yourself below. Lots and lots of different examples were used, it goes without saying she must have put a ridiculous amount of time into this one.

I agree.


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  1. I don’t think “people don’t read long copy on the web” is a fair reduction of what she was talking about–in fact, the examples at the beginning seem to be flying in the face of the “people don’t read copy on the web” seniment (which is why I wish slide share included notes). To me, the presention is a call for more human and utility-based copy–something I whole-heartedly agree with.

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