Copyranter Advertising Blog – A Farewell

Farewell Copyranter

A fellow advertising blogger – Copyranter, announced last Friday that he was no longer going to be updating his widely popular site, citing that it takes up too much of his time/life to keep it updated at the rate that is necessary to maintain a popular blog (which is why will sometimes go for short “breaks”). However, he does mention in his final post that he would be more than willing to entertain any offers of payment to keep blogging. While I doubt he’ll find the “golden ticket” that will allow him to continue updating the site, it does mean he “might” be up for writing on other websites in a pay-per-article format. This is all speculation – you would have to contact him directly if you would like an experienced professional copywriter/successful blog owner to provide content or commentary for your own ventures (there…. consider that my version of payback for all the laughs you’ve provided over the past few years)

It’s sad to see a site I subscribe to/regularly read go down, but that’s just how this whole “blogging thing” works… if you notice, his blog does not have any type of the advertising/sponsorships (similar to here) that is common practice on most sites. I feel it helps the reader know that any content is un-biased and well, actually something that I want to share not just because I think it will increase revenue (he was smarter than I and hosted his blog on the free blogspot platform… I technically lose money by self-hosting my sites.. so any donations to help pay hosting costs would not be turned down for this site either). The trade-off however is that updating frequently becomes a time-consuming hobby and at somepoint you do have to ask yourself what’s more important – getting that recent idea/campaign up on your blog immediately , or tending to any of the million other obligations you might have.

I first came across your site years ago when a friend sent me a link to your “I Hate Capri Pants” blog, laughed my ass off and noticed you had an advertising site as well. So as a send-off here are some copyranter posts I’ve enjoyed, hopefully you will too:

  • I prefer to think of myself as a “stranger enthusiast.
  • Again, I’m yelling at a bottle of cognac.
  • Strange image of the week #3 (it’s a midget used in an ad to sell German Riesling).
  • If A=B, and C=A; then C=B. But not always.
  • Viva Viagra! Long Live My Erection!
  • Qualitative Vodka Taste Test Report.
  • Cheers and best of luck,


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    1. um, sorry. I got a gig already, and am up and running again.

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