Corona Light – Party Mashup

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Here’s the latest for Corona Light by La Comunidad that’s aimed at a target group who (and i quote their press release): “If they returned from a vacation would say, ‘You can’t believe what we did,’ not where they have gone.”

Essentially this years campaign is going to be focused around trying to sway the cheap beer drinkers over to the Corona side. Key competitors for them in the US market are Keystone Light and a few random craft brews.

Meanwhile, digital shop Pereira O’Dell is also working on a supporting campaign based around your typical social media avenues…i.e. facebook. The company also claims to have some print ads lined up but when those will go live is anyone’s guess.

On the airing of this spot:

The television spot, which will appear on ESPN, NBC, Comedy Central, the sports channel Versus and on Fox Sports during some Major League Baseball games, was filmed in Tayrona Nature Park in Colombia.

Corona beer has usually been associated with beaches, which Mr. Mollá described as the brand’s “biggest asset.”
The white beaches at Tayrona are next to a tropical forest, both of which are shown in the commercial. After watching the sunset, the partygoers in the commercial unplug the sound system and pack up as if going home. But then they walk through a jungle and come out on another beach where they resume partying in the moonlight.

The agency auditioned a group of 40 men and women, then flew them to film the commercial at Tayrona. Mr. Mollá said the agency deliberately included women because “we wanted to be inclusive. Women are a big part of having a great party.”


Damn, I would have liked to been on that shoot…sounds like fun.


Agency: La Comunidad
Chief Creative Officer: Jose Molla
Executive Creative Directors: Ricky Vior, Leo Prat
Agency Head of Production: Laurie Malaga
Account Director: Tim Rivera
Account Supervisor: Maria Van Thienen
Planning: Richard Monturo/ Carlos Arcos
Director: Paul Hunter & Dori Oskowitz
Production Company: PRETTYBIRD
Director of Photography: Mattias Montero
Executive producer: Ali Brown
Producer: Julien Lemaitre
Editorial Post-Production: Gary Knight/Peepshow Post
Music Post-Production: STIMMUNG


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