Denver PodCamp – Oct. 1-2

So this might be last minute (free beer), but hey, who doesn’t like spontaneity? This Friday and Saturday we’ll be hosting the first PodCamp Denver (Free beer), and as you can see by the short little promo above, we’ve got some pretty talented folks involved with this project, including the use of an amazing space (free beer) courtesy of Manmade Media Studios (they also provided the intro piece seen above). We’ve got a great set of sponsors, one hell-of-a lunch-truck arriving on Saturday to feed you guys (though you’ll have to bring your own cash for that… we ran out after all the free beer we’re providing), and did I mention free beer?

Now in case you’re still wondering what a PodCamp is about and why there’d be free beer there, here’s the basics:
What is PodCamp? It’s an un-conference where you lead and learn about the latest in all things new-media: social media, blogging, video on the internet, new marketing and PR, podcasting… and the best tools and techniques to leverage them for your purposes.

What’s the schedule like?
Friday evening from 7-9 pm, we’ll mingle (free beer) and then map out what we’ll discuss on Saturday.
Saturday, we’ll meet from 9 am – 4 pm and follow your interests down three different tracks. Your feet cast the vote… if you come to a session you don’t like, just go to another!

But wait, now how much will this cost?
Price: FREE (as in free beer)

So how to I get there?

Manmade Media Studios
2352 Dayton St.
Aurora, CO 80010

Because of fire-code-restrictions we’re limited to only about 80 people, but if you’d like to pre-register so that you’ll be sure to have a spot for this event, you can visit the EventBrite page and sign-up now:
Register For PodCamp Denver!

For more information on the event you can checkout the podcamp denver wiki.

See you there (free beer)!


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  1. It’s gonna be a good one…

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