Dos Equis – Most Interesting Man

Here is a new campaign by Dos Equis where their “most interesting man” gives advice on various subjects. With all of them being only 15 second spots, I think they were pretty cleverly written if you ask me.

My favorite is “Packages”:

Fellows, leave the tight pants to the ladies. If I can count the coins in your pocket, you better use them to call the tailor.

In addition to the two displayed above (The Most Interesting Man & Packages), there are two more commercials in this series –

Mixed Nuts:


Created by Euro RSCG/New York with Jeff Kling as Creative Director. Steve Miller directed the spots with @radical media as the production company (Outside Editorial did the post work).

All of these spots are tied-in at the end with our interesting gentleman telling us to “stay thirsty my friends” which is also the web address for their campaign micro-site – There you can test your skill in patience and strength (by arm wrestling Mao, Churchill, Stalin, or even our most interesting man), apply to become the most interesting man in the world’s personal assistant and view various photos with our host performing assorted “manly” feats. Pretty funny site to match the spots, kudos.

Update: After a lot of emails regarding this campaign and the talent used, it has been confirmed that the actor who plays “The Most Interesting Man In The World” is indeed Jonathan Goldsmith. This was received via email from production sources. Also, as readers “sam” and “Bart” have both pointed out, it is listed as being credited to him on his profile.


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  1. What is the song that plays in the background?

  2. It is an original piece composed by Brett Fuchs from Berwyn Audio(NYC)…the same guy who helped put the music together for BlueFly’s ‘The Catch’

  3. Does anyone know the name of the actor? My friend thinks it’s Andrew Divoff, but I don’t think so. I’m hoping someone can settle the argument.

  4. Does anyone know who are these cute asian nurse? Are they twin?

  5. The Most Interesting Man in the World, Dos Equis commercial: The actor who speaks at the end and says “Stay thirsty my friends” is actor Maximilan Schell (age 76). His most recent American film was “Vampires” by John Carpenter. He played Cardinal Alba (villin). Check out the photos.

  6. The Most Interesting Man in the World is actually Charlton Heston.

  7. You are wrong Gary Halverson. Not even close.

  8. Not sure who plays the part, but it strikes me that the character is supposed to be a composite of Hemmingway and Castro.

  9. The actor is Jonathan Goldsmith

  10. While I was smitten with this spot upon viewing it …I think the 15 sec segments do not live up to the inital spot. I have not heard the radio but on reading Niraj commetns It seems likely that the radio is more in line witht the :30 spot. As a woman I found the lead exciting and yes!, if there were the most intersting man he’s it. He has that James Bond sexy thang going on.

  11. Need to know the name of the song and how to get it and download it and be able to listen to it over and over…what a beautiful guitar piece! Anyone know where to find it?

  12. The actor is Franco Nero, who played the villain General Esperanza in Die Hard II. He’s a character actor from Italy who made spaghetti westerns back in the day. Look him up on IMDB.

  13. sam Says:
    October 23rd, 2007 at 11:58 pm
    The actor is Jonathan Goldsmith

    I believe you are right sam

  14. but if anyone knows for sure…it would be cool to know ….I’m going to go drink some

  15. The actor is Jonathan Goldsmith


    that’s all

  16. “the only reason he has a phonebook is so he can tear it in half”


  17. “He’s a lover not a fighter…but don’t get any ideas he’s also a fighter”

  18. He was once abducted by aliens and was asked to anal probe them, He has won several costume contests even though he has never worn a costume

  19. the most intersting man in the world put out the word he was throwing a party and only his equals were invited. The only person who showed up was Chuck Norris.

  20. I was wondering where they got the footage of TMIMITW when he was younger. I see on IMDB that Jonathan Goldsmith has been acting since the 70’s, so it makes sense.
    The other two actors mentioned above are incorrect. I’ve seen pics of them all. TMIMITW is Goldsmith.

  21. anyone know where i can find the other “most interesting man commercials”

  22. Anyone know where I can find a transcript of the commercials….These are great.

  23. He would never ride a bull. He would let the bull ride him.


    put up more radio ones if you hear em

  25. He once stepped outside one saturday morning and said aloud “It’s too hot out here.” Within the hour, a total eclipse appeared.

    He does not need an alarm clock. Four bluebirds appear at his window every morning to wake him…no matter where he is staying.

    He gambled once. He was in Japan on a business trip and decided to put money down on Buster Douglas to KO his opponent in 10 rounds.

    He decided to drive some friends one morning to work in Atlanta. That morning there were no traffic jams or accidents.

  26. Are those from the Radio or are those ones you made up yourself LETS HEAR SOME MORE RADIO ONES

  27. He once had gas. It was immediately replicated, bottled and was sold for millions. He gave all proceeds to Al Gore. In return, Al promised to go away for ever…

  28. Does anyone know the name of the music in the background of the commerical and if it can be downloaded anywhere?

  29. When it rains, it’s because he has thought of something sad.

    He’s left-handed…. and right-handed

    When he orders a salad, he gets the dressing ON the salad…where it belongs.

    He once called a wrong number, but the person on the other end refused to admit he had done so.

  30. man, I almost lost a bet. I was so sure it was Maxmillian Schell. Although the person who claimed it wasn’t, claimed Max was dead.

    here’s an ad theory question I’ve been trying to find out, but due to my crappy research methods — can’t figure out.

    many times, someone will claim when an ad has an almost indiscernible connection to a product, with nothing but a quick tag at the end — that if you don’t understand it you’re hopelessly old fashioned, and new ad theory back them up …

    I know people do studies every five seconds in academic-land, publishing or perishing, so I’d bet that someone has challenged this theory. Off the top of anyone’s head, can you think of a study that says it is somewhat necessary to have some product ID in an ad, along with an obvious connection of the content to the product — not just be some director’s reel hoping to get him a movie gig that flashes “Miller Lite” at the last second …

  31. uh….the wikipedia bio for maximillian schell states it is HE who plays the character in the ads.
    You might want to check it out, mi comprades.

  32. it’s late…mi compadres should have read instead.

  33. He doesn’t mind his “p’s” and “q’s”……….they mind him.

  34. He has a new ad out and I can’t remember all the lines, however, it was the best and funniest radio ad yet. One of the lines said, “He once tried to go uninteresting for a year…but it didn’t work!” Does anyone know which RADIO AD I am referring to? I would really appreciate if someone could post some of the other lines from this newest commercial.

  35. sounds a lot like Chuck Norris jokes lol

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