DraftFCB Mercenaries 2 Update (Now with Music Download)!

Here’s an update on the Mercenaries 2 commercial that I talked about last week on this site. Apparently the people in charge over at DraftFCB have been watching you guys and liked the response that they’ve been seeing over the music used in the spot.

They recently went back to the Wojahn Brothers in Los Angeles (the folks who created the original music score) and had them create a full length version of the song, which is now available for free download on the recently added download section of the game’s website. Or you can click on the direct link to the song here:
Mercenaries 2 – Oh No (Full Length).mp3

Also included is a ‘making-of’ video (found above), showing what went into the production of the commercial thanks to the team over at Shilo.

Fancy that, an agency that is pro-activly responding to consumer feedback! Nice work.

A big ‘tip of the hat’ goes out to Colin McRae + Isaac Clemens from DraftFCB for the update.


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