ESPN Sportcenter – Manny Being Manny

Gotta love this recent promotional spot for ESPN Sportscenter featuring the “unpredictable” Manny Ramirez. Just wait until the end… “What does that even mean!?”

The phrase “Manny Being Manny” was supposedly coined on July 18th, 2005 when Ramirez decided to disappear into the bullpen while the opposing teams’ pitching coach had a talk with the pitcher. When the pitcher was finished and ready to resume the game, Ramirez was nowhere to be found [source]. Other incidents include mistakingly rounding the bases after hitting only a ground-rule double, appearing in an Ebay listing for a BBQ grill as well as one for a custom Chrysler 300M and refusing to pinch hit in a game against Philadelphia in 2003.

Andy Ferguson/Eric Stevens came up with this piece as the Copywriter/Art Director for Wieden + Kennedy, NY. Gary Krieg was the Head of Production with Alison Hill as the Broadcast Producer. David Shane was the Director for O Positive and Dave Moribito was the Director of Photography. Andrew Robertson was the editor for Joint Editorial (with Staley Dietrich as Assistant Editor).

Matt Rielly from Riot did the Online with Rob DiFondi as the Sound Mixer from Sound Lounge.


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