Fanta – Security Alert

Ok, when I first saw this my initial reaction was to wonder who in their right mind would use characters from Adult Swim’s Squidbillies show to represent their products. After the second time watching though I realized it’s just a cheap knockoff…not an authentic Adult Swim endorsement. I will point out that it does manage to give off the same weird-but-unsettling feeling that the show does. If that’s what you were going for guys, kudos.

Created by Ogilvy Group UK for Coca-Cola owned soda brand Fanta, this animated :30 shows us a security guard squid whose days of toying with what could be either school kids or prison inmates comes to an end. I couldn’t help noticing that the basketball court that our hero is playing on resembled a prison yard in that there are cameras everywhere, they’re all wearing black and white and it’s completely fenced in. Is this spot trying to target the youth demographic or the fresh-out-of-juvenile-hall market?

Kate Paull and Stuart Pantoll were the Creatives for this piece with Kim Parrett as the Agency Producer. Tokyoplastic was once again the Director for Picasso Pictures, London (with Jane Bolton as the Producer). Tokyoplastic was also the production company used for the animation in this commercial. Sound Design was by James Saunders at Jungle with music from Plan 8 at Hear no Evil.


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