Fonecta – Immigrant

Here’s an erie new spot by Fonecta titled “Immigrant” that tells the story of a man who traveled the globe making a fortune in various industries though never found any luck in finding a wife to bear him a child. Looking back over his life, he realizes that although he may not lack in financial resources, he lacks a true heir to his name and fortune. It then takes us back to his home country where he is trying to reach out to the one known relative so that he can leave his entire estate to him once he passes….the phone rings…..the young man looks at the unknown phone number on the screen…and hangs up.

“An unknown number could be the most important of your life.”

It then promotes Fonecta’s service where you can text a phone number to 16400 and they’ll tell you who called.

I thought this was a creative way to build-up the story-line around this promotion, the repetitive soundtrack even adds to the anticipation as the spot progresses. This spot was created by SEK Grey, Helsinki. Kudos.


Client: Fonecta
Title: Immigrant
Agency: SEK Grey, Helsinki
Creative: Jarkko Tuuri
Agency Producer: Merja Metsavaara-Mildh @ Front Desk
Production company: Gorgeous Enterprises, London
Director: Tom Carty
Producer: Ciska Faulkner
Director of Photography: Bruno Delbonnel
Production Designer: John Beard
Editor: Jonnie Scarlett @ The Quarry
Post production: The Mill


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