Food Fight! is a pretty cool new flash-driven game to promote General Mill’s healthy living website – After choosing your weapon of choice [one of three healthy meals with various attributes for spat factor and stainage] followed by your nemesis for the upcoming food fight [the lunch lady, a sushi chef, or Chuck Frank – your neighborhood hot dog vendor], you then are presented with the recipe page for your chosen weapon. Everything on the page is interactive, from the desert recommendation to the actual recipe itself [throw something at the ingredient list and see what happens]. Pretty cool. The ambush a friend is also a fun feature, it sends an email to whoever you choose telling them that you recommended this recipe to them….only once the page loads your enemy will appear challenging them to a culinary battle.

[UPDATE: 9/20/07 – Corrected Credits]
Daddy was the interactive shop responsible for this piece alongside Mono. T. Scott Major is the ICD with Jolene Lew as acting agency producer. Michael Hart & Troy Longie were the CWs with Chris Lange as the AD. The previous credits came from another site, which I guess had its facts wrong…



  1. Correct credits:
    Client: General Mills
    Agency: mono
    Interactive Creative Director: T. Scott Major
    CD/Copywriter: Michael Hart,
    Troy Longie
    CD/Art Director: Chris Lange
    Agency Producer: Jolene Lew
    Interactive Production Company: Daddy, Gothenburg

  2. This is cute, but I wonder if people are using it?

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