Fund-a-Stache 2008 – Donate For A Chance To Win A Free Ipod!


A friend and fellow interactive ad industry hoodlum Brandon Barr is taking part in this year’s Fund-a-Stache 2008. For the entire month of May he has grown a mustache but can only continue on with your donations.

The money all goes to a great cause – The Atlanta Community Food Bank and he’s been a real trooper about this whole donation drive. He first set goals in order to entice friends to donate, with the first being that if the donation level reached $500 he would sport for the remainder of the month what is called a “Picasso Mustache.” Following his word, when the amount was reached he shaved off part of his mustache accordingly and then went and upped the ante even by proposing that for every additional $100 donated, he would take a photo sporting his new ‘stasche in a seemingly embarrassing situation… A donation of $50 will even garner you a specific photo request that will be added to his “embarrassing shot queue.”

If you read my tech/web blog –, you may remember me posting about getting an iPod Shuffle as a thank you gift from and that I was going to host some sort of contest to give it away. Instead, if by May 31st, when the donation drive ends, Brandon has reached his goal of $1000, the iPod will be given away to a RANDOM donator. So even if you only donate $5, you still have a chance at winning the ipod. In fact, if you donated five dollars but did it in fifty increments (meaning you are a kind soul who donated a total of $250), you would have 50X the chance of getting this brand-new, top of the line ipod shuffle. Not only that but you’d most likely get that warm feeling inside knowing that you both helped out a good cause and also gave us a chance to watch a grown man suffer through a full month looking like the kind of creep that asks small children if they want to play in his “mystery van full of candy.”

UPDATE 5/29/08:He’s reached his goal of $1000!! Thanks to everyone who donated, the drawing for the free ipod will occur on June 1st and we’ll contact the winner via email/phone.

So far he’s taken on the following photo-promises:

$600 – In a business meeting or on a film shoot
$700 – Out at a crowded restaurant or bar.
$800 – At the gym, in the middle of a workout
$900 – Shaking hands with the president of his company (IQ Interactive)
$1000 – Nightclub. On the dancefloor.

As of 4:42PM EST he’s managed to raise $636.00 which means next tuesday we’ll get to see him with clients out on a photo-shoot sporting the Picasso.
But just look at what he’s willing to do even for a $50 donation:

shopping cart

Joel Krieger is responsible for the above photo, he donated $50 and asked for a shot of Brandon sitting in a shopping cart wearing just a swimsuit, goggles, and swim cap. Joel….. You have issues…. but thanks for the donation!

To view a day-by-day photo gallery of Brandon’s mustache progression – you can visit his page on

Click HERE to DONATE! You could win an ipod plus get to see him do funny shit… what’s stopping you?


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