Georgia Lottery – Keno Master (of voice-over disaster)

This is what happens when you have a great ad that has a horrible voice-over. Interesting concept, however when it gets to the voice-over, instead of sounding Asian, the voice sounds Eastern-European. As someone on adsoftheworld stated, “the narrator sounds like Arnold Schwatzenager!”

They should have found Gedde Watanabe from Sixteen Candles/UHF fame to do the voice. He, or someone sounding similar, would have been perfect for this piece.

BBDO Atlanta is the agency on record with Marcus Kemp as ECD. This is a fairly new account for BBDO having been awarded it just last April after beating out Fitzgerald + Co. The spot was directed by Kohl Norville from Blue Planet with Shawn Conrad being credited for “sound.” This is the same team that brought you the holiday Georgia Lotto spot – Leonard …”The man’s a bullrider.”

UPDATE: After re-watching this ad and having a few conversations via email with other bloggers/readers, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot more wrong with this piece than simply the voice-over. Overly utilizing stereotypes of this nature makes this ad somewhat racist. I can’t imagine it was done on purpose, however as with most campaigns, if an ad makes it to the screen, that means a good amount of people had to sign off on it. Poor judgment on all their parts.



  1. this is just flat out WRONG.

  2. this ad is clever?! you gots to be joking! what is clever about playing on tired, old and wrong stereotypes? why don’t you have the ad show whites killing, rapping and hanging native indians or blacks while playing keno and fast forward to today then?!

    the ad is racist! wake up and smell the incense ignorant fools!

  3. Thanks for saying that linda. Now I don’t have to.

  4. If the ad had used an actual Asian man for the voiceover, would it then be acceptible?

  5. I think that would be missing the mark in terms of the purpose of using an “asian sounding” voice over… it should have actually sounded like someone who was actually asian.
    All of that aside, even if they had used someone who was actually Asian to do the voice over, the racial stereotypes/negative connotations would still have been retained.
    A Lose/Lose situation.

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