Germ Warfare

To promote their latest Purell effort, JWT Toronto came up with this unique “ambient”(the UK version of what we call “guerrilla”) campaign where they placed stickers on the cover of magazines in doctor’s waiting rooms. The stickers have tags like: “Thumbed Through By Sick People Since October 2005,”Gently Sneezed on Since October 2002,” and “Exposing Patients to More Than Germs Since November 1998.” Clever idea, although I bet the doctors were not too pleased with having their patients think that they were endagering their health by providing magazines while they wait.

The stickers call out the campaign website,, although as of this morning there is only a flash loading bar simulating how long it takes to “properly” wash your hands(Their answer: forever) and then a link to the Purell Website. I think that a logo would have been much better than a website. Afterall, the only thing people remember after a visit to the doctor is what the doctor told them, not the magazines that they pretended to flip through before their appointment.


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