GE’s Eco-Friendly Olympic Ads – Discus, Dragon and Crane

The latest series to come from mega-corporation GE and BBDO NY tries to combine the brand’s eco-friendly research and their olympic sponsorship through three new commercials: Discus, Dragon and Crane.

Crane, shown above, starts out by showing us a crane taking off from a beach with the background audio being of a pilot getting permission to take-off from the tower. It then pans to a shot of a commercial jet mid-air with the narrator talking about how GE provides an aircraft engine that saves gas and has less fuel emissions. They forgot to mention price though, I wonder if this engine costs 5X what most currently used engines do and whether or not I’m covering the difference via the high price of airline tickets (or by me having to pay for a pillow/blanket)?

Discus, found below, starts off with an Olympic Discus thrower competing in Roman times at one of the first Olympic Games. His powerful throw makes the discus soar into the air, only to drive straight into a pillar due to an interfering gust of wind. The building soon collapses (cheesy!) and the voiceover tells us about GE’s eco-friendly wind energy that is helping to power this years Olympic Games.

Dragon, the third in the series and shown below, takes the Olympic tie-in a little too far. It takes place in what appears to be “ancient China.” Villagers hike up bundles of grass and other flammable objects into a cave where, you guessed it, a dragon lives. The dragon, after noticing the villagers, sets their amassed pile of grass/plants on fire. The camera then pans away to show them running back to town, with steaming pipes leading from the cave to the village. What do the pipes lead to you might ask? An above-ground jacuzzi built right behind their thatch hut. Wow.
The narration then tells us that:

Turning organic waste like grass and plants is no longer the stuff of legend.

No comment.

Tom Darbyshire and Ted Shaine were the Copywriter/Art Director team for BBDO, NY (with Grant Gill and Melissa Chester as Executive Agency Producer/Music Producer). Michael Marinelli was the sound designer for Buzz, NY.

For Crane, Arni & Kinski from a WHITELABEL product directed with Clayton Hemmert from Crew Cuts as the Editor. Framestore was the animation company used and featured Murray Butler as Head of Flame (Laney Gradus was the Head of Production).

For Discus & Dragon, Traktor from Partizan was the Director with Ian MacKenzie from MacKenzie Cutler as the Editor. The Mill was the animation company used.

GE – Discus:

GE – Dragon:


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