Giving Pelé The Final Goal – 1284

On the very top of my list of favorite World Cup videos that i’ve ever see so far, here’s one called 1284 from Y&R Brazil and Energy. It begins with soccer legend Pelé saying,

If I could replay my life, maybe if I scored my last goal with the Brazilian Team, i’d like that…

Shot entirely at Morumbi stadium in Sao Paulo this production involved more than 250 professionals a well over 500 cast members. On top of that a handful of professional players were involved in the shoot in addition to a few famous Brazilian sports and journalist icons like Rivellino, Carlos Alberto Torres, Orlando Duarte and Osmar de Oliveira.

A tip of the hat on this one…. well done.


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  1. Lovely, I watched this before reading your post and wondered if this could be real … and then I wondered who’d win one on one, Pele, or the Most Interesting Man in the World.

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