Happy Valentines Day: Levi’s – Dangerous Liaison

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Above is a steamy new spot for Levi’s, very fitting for Valentines Day. Done by BBH London, directed by Ringan Ledwidge (Davud Karbassioun was Agency Producer), and has Caroline Pay as the CD.

Simple concept, great ad. The song used is “Strange Love” by Little Annie, you can get it here.

found at Glossy



  1. Hi Brentter. Dangerous Liaisons was directed by Ringan Ledwidge. Davud Karbassioun was the agency producer. Though I see you’ve got all the details on the YouTube posting…

  2. Duncan – nice catch….it’s been pretty hectic over here lately so i haven’t had a chance to update the site as much as I would like to.. and when I do find time I’m usually rushed(or haven’t had any coffee yet).. thanks

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