Heineken – Walking Fridge

Director Bart Timmer gives us a sequel to the hilarious Walk In Fridge spot (see below) that came out for Heineken last year with an updated, Walking Fridge. This is what happens when you’ve got a very thick European accent and are trying to convey your kitchen requirements to a contractor that just wants to get the job over with… Our hero asks for a ‘Walk in closet’, similar to the first promo, but instead gets an R2D2-like robot fridge that walks around the house (luckily stocked with Heineken). Kudos on the clever adaption.

Jorn Kruijsen and Jeroen van de Sande were the creatives from TBWA\Neboko who worked on this piece with Producers Robert Nan and Hein Scheffer from production company Czar, Amsterdam. Alex Melman was the Director of Photography with Annelien van Wijnsbergen as the Editor (the Ambassadors credited with the post production work).

Here’s the original if you missed it…

Heineken – Walk In Fridge


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  1. These guys are pretty genius. I always thought it would such a fun job to create commercials and marketing campaigns in general. I love the first commercial in this line too.

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